Christophe Noblet's priorities for West Central

Re-building Trust in the Met Police

Christophe believes we need a return to community policing. He wants the police to focus on the crimes affecting residents, and restore their trust.

This means bringing back Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) and their teams at the center of our communities, having them physically based at the core of the areas they support, in order to have them re-engage and re-connect with women, ethnic minority and LGBTQ+ groups in particular.

Christophe wants in parallel to refocus policing resources on priorities such as crime and impactful Anti-Social Behaviours as well as offload admin work from frontline police to increase their capacity to patrol our streets.

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Christophe, Blaise and Rob Blackie in front of a police van

Safe, Affordable, and Decent Homes

Residents deserve safe, decent and affordable homes.

Christophe will champion investments and upgrades in fire safety, remediating structural cladding issues, and will fight damp and mould, to make sure homes are safe & decent. He will also back insulating homes, to bring down energy bills and will fight the selling-off of Housing Association homes, to ensure that social housing remains available for those in need.

Christophe will sponsor and fight for a new financial scheme to be implemented by the GLA with partners to secure and deliver the homes West Central residents need, with RSLs to ensure they do not have to sell their property stock to fund required safety, maintenance and insulation upgrades, and with private developers to secure the delivery in West Central of the affordable and social homes we need. There is indeed an urgency in ensuring young professionals and key workers can remain and live in our West Central communities and in providing the needed homes for later living. 

Christophe with Cllr Tim Verboven and Hina Bokhari AM talking to a resident

Reliable and affordable Public Transport

West London needs better public transport.

London can only be a thriving city with a flourishing local economy, effective public services, and a buzzing cultural & entertainment sector if it can rely on a world-class transport system. We need our public transport network to be reliable, affordable and safe for all.

Christophe will back improvements to bus network coverage and frequency in West London. He will also work towards improving bus travel times, tackle unplanned closures of tube stations (like Earl’s Court, Lancaster Gate & Holland Park) to secure their opening times and improve service reliability.

Christophe with tube and bus

Improving Air Quality

Christophe will fight air pollution caused by roads like the Westway, Cromwell Road, and the Earl’s Court one-way system. Areas of West London experience pollution levels 3 to 4 times higher than World Health Organisation (WHO) standards.

Although West Central includes some of the most pleasant areas in London, it includes as well densely populated areas where residents get exposed to pollution levels 3 to 4 times higher than WHO standards (PM2.5 & NO2 in particular), with road traffic and construction being the two single largest sources of air pollution. Air pollution poses a serious health risk at every stage of life, from slower lung development and asthma to earlier death. 

Christophe is a healthier streets campaigner and will work to reduce congestion on our streets by promoting safe cycling and walking, facilitating the move of commercial traffic to sustainable options, and more generally ensuring the ones who are willing to walk, cycle or use public transport can do so safely. He will have a particular focus on school streets, creating safe and clear air environments around schools by reducing motor traffic, greening and making cycling or walking to schools safe and easy. 

Christophe with Cllr Tim Verboven, Cllr Linda Wade & Caroline Piidgeon on Cromwell Rd