Westminster Seeks new Committee Members

A general election is coming and we need your help!

It will be no surprise to you all that we are gearing up for a snap General Election in Westminster and part of our planning includes support for our Executive Officers and their portfolios.  
As a result, we have some exciting opportunities to help strengthen our local party's resources and capability in the areas of Membership Development, Campaigns, Data, Events, Press & Social Media  and Youth and Student Engagement. 
We asked our Executive Members to write a short description of their portfolio areas so that you can see what might best suit you. It's more important than ever that we are fully staffed up with the support we need so I do hope that you will review the below, find something of particular interest and join our teams.
We'd like to have teams in place by mid-September so please don't hesitate in replying. We need and really welcome your support. We know we have a really strong chance to Unseat Mark Field - please help us to be part of doing just that.


Helen Davies
Westminster & City of London Liberal Democrats

Membership Development

Membership Development Officer: Phillip Kerle

Membership engagement is the core to any political party and in Westminster we have been fortunate to have significantly increasing membership over the last few years. We want this to continue and we want to make sure that our membership continues to be actively engaged and involved in the local party.

The membership portfolio involves communicating with members, welcoming new members, encouraging members to renew, identifying ward ambassadors and supporting them and generally encouraging membership involvement across the local party.  We are looking for a few more people to assist us.

Join us. This is a great way to contribute to the success of the Liberal Democrats in Westminster


Campaigns Officer: Jamie Capp

Help your party win elections locally!

After a series of great national results, the Westminster Liberal Democrats are looking for people to help translate that success to the local level. As part of the campaigns team, members will be able to help set the strategic direction of the local party’s campaigning, and ensure that our team is as effective as possible at delivering campaigning and election success. Members can help in specific tasks such as leading ground campaigning or literature delivery, to taking on responsibility for campaigning across a local area.

Whether you have experience of local campaigning or not, joining the Committee will help to gear the local party up for London elections in 2020, and local elections in the years to come, and who knows maybe even a snap general election. Westminster has big ambitions and you can be a part of realising that.


Data Officer: Patrick Ryan

Data lies at the core of politics and campaigning – successful elections are built on solid data. The Data Office is responsible for

  • Managing our data, including identifying data we need to engage our constituents and ensuring the data we have useful
  • Acquiring and analysing data, including designing survey and canvassing questions to ensure we understand the issues in our communities and can respond
  • Utilising data to optimise our campaigning efforts and ensure we connect with all our likely and persuadable voters

As we gear up for a likely snap general election we’ll need support to cover the ~225,000 residents across Westminster.


Events Officer: Sarah Ryan

Joining the events team is a great way to meet other local Lib Dem members and to participate in something you are interested in. We welcome volunteers who want to help organise regular events, or simply organise a one-off event.  We are open to new ideas – a gala dinner, pub quiz, politics & pizza, a speaker, a debate, a coffee morning  – as we seek to engage all our members with diverse programming options. Bring us your ideas and organising spirit and we will make sure the local party benefits from your enthusiasm!

Press & Social Media

Digital Officer: Julian Naden-Robinson

Social Media is one the most important ways in which we engage with both our membership as well as potential voters. It is an increasingly competitive field to grab people’s attention over the multitude of platforms that we engage on; we are constantly looking for creative and innovative ways in which to get our message across here.

The portfolio involves developing and delivering targeted messages across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We are looking for members to help create and deliver eye grabbing and effective content for use on these platforms across a variety of media formats; whether it be videos, photos, graphics or even a pithy tweet.

Elections are increasingly won or lost based on our ability to effectively reach out to voters on Social Media; join us on this portfolio to make a big difference for the Liberal Democrats in Westminster.

Youth & Student

Youth & Student Officer: Kevin Sefton

In Westminster we have many schools, a high student population, and a lot of young people moving to London for their first jobs. They are some of the most creative, able and energetic people in the party and beyond. And also facing high levels of uncertainty and change.

The Youth and Student portfolio involves speaking to schools, meeting student societies, supporting them for instance by arranging representation at debates and events, and engaging with younger members across the local party. It’s a wonderful role to ensure the issues that matter to younger people across the borough and constituencies are represented, act as a bridge for the rest of the party to learn from them, support their voice, and help them flourish in their contribution to the success of Liberal Democrats in Westminster.

We’re looking for two or three people to take specific roles:

  • To work with students and higher education institutions
  • To create a programme to help younger people get involved
  • To link to schools, colleges supporting the party’s presence in the community

We’d be especially excited if you’re still at school, a student, maybe on a gap year, or if you’ve just moved to London!

We'd love to hear from you. If you know what you want to do please get in touch by sending us an email at [email protected] with the name of the group you'd like to join and a little bit about yourself. 

If you're not sure yet but want to help out please also email us, we can answer questions and help you figure out which of these great portfolios you would be best suited to.

Email Now!


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