Our candidate for the Churchill by-election: Vikas Aggarwal



At the council by-election on May 6, Vikas Aggarwal is offering real change to residents of Churchill ward who have been taken for granted for years by Labour and the Tories.

If he is elected as Churchill's local champion, Vikas has committed to:

1) Fight for increased community policing so that our children, our families, and our elderly feel safe.

2) Campaign to ensure that local people are not priced out of the place they call home, and consult on all new developments.

3) Listen to residents' concerns, engage with everyone in the community, and provide you with the strong voice you deserve.

If you live in Churchill ward, you'll probably meet him soon if you haven't already: Vikas and the Westminster Lib Dems have been out on the doorsteps daily for the past couple of months, hearing residents' concerns.

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