Alex Harding: PPC, Westminster North

Alex Harding is the Liberal Democrat candidate for Westminster North. He is standing to protect EU citizens’ rights in Westminster, to reduce air pollution and ensure the constituency has more affordable housing. 
Alex has been an active member of the Liberal Democrats since 2010. He is a passionate pro-European. He believes that only by working with our  European neighbours can we solve the challenges of the twenty-first century. Some 70% of Westminster North constituents voted to Remain in the EU. They agree with him that a closer relationship with Europe is a vital means to maintain our strong position on the world stage and grow our domestic economy. Given 75% of young people in the UK also voted Remain, Alex promises to speak on their behalf if elected to Parliament.
Alex currently works for a foreign policy think tank based in central London. He is also closely involved with the Liberal Democrats' international policy work and has recently facilitated training and seminars on democracy and political transition in the western Balkans. 
Alex and the Liberal Democrats will work tirelessly for residents in Westminster North. He is campaigning to set a new standard for parliamentary accountability, providing constituents with regular updates on the work he and his party are doing, as well as on policy decisions. 
Alex says: "A hard Brexit will hurt Westminster North residents. That’s why I’m taking a stand with the Liberal Democrats on 8th June."
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Bridget Fox: PPC, Cities of Westminster and London

Bridget Fox is the Liberal Democrat choice to represent Cities of London & Westminster at the General Election.

Bridget has lived and worked in central London for most of her adult life and currently works for an environmental charity near City Road.

A former local councillor, she has a long record of standing up for Londoners, as a school governor, charity trustee and as a member of the City Fringe regeneration board.

Bridget is a supporter of Amnesty International, Shelter, and Friends of the Earth. She lives with her partner Richard who works for an international firm in the City.

“Like an estimated 70% of the people in the Cities of London & Westminster, I voted against Brexit. A hard Brexit will be a disaster for local people. That’s why I’m taking a stand with the Liberal Democrats on 8 June.”

“The Tories do not speak for the majority, nor do they speak for many Leave voters who do not want to jeopardize our vital access to the Single Market and the rights of EU citizens living in Britain as well as Brits living elsewhere in Europe. If elected, I will work to responsibly represent my constituency in Parliament while being accountable and accessible to all the citizens who live here.”



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