Chuka's Five Point Plan

A brighter future for the Cities of London & Westminster

1. Stop Brexit

  • To provide a £50bn Remain bonus.
  • To safeguard jobs, local businesses and free movement for the Cities of London & Westminster.

2. Support for renters

  • Help people who cannot afford a deposit by introducing a new Rent to Own model.
  • Promote longer tenancies of three years or more to give families who rent stability and security in the Cities of London & Westminster.

3. Cut crime

  • £1bn for community policing, enough for 2 extra police officers in every ward in the country.
  • Invest in youth services and youth workers to tackle the root causes of knife crime and youth violence in the Cities of London & Westminster and repair the damage done by this Tory government.

4. Invest in our NHS

  • An extra penny-in-the-pound on Income Tax to meet the immediate priorities in social care.
  • Reverse Tory cuts to public health funding
  • Boost spending on mental health services in hospitals like St. Barts.

5. Act on air pollution

  • Ensure all cars sold are electric by 2030 at the latest, to cut emissions in the Cities of London & Westminster.
  • Reverse Tory government cuts to electric vehicle subsidies.
  • Significantly increase investment in electric vehicle infrastructure, including charging points.

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